Released a new time tracking app using the React Native (Expo)

tagTimeLog Lite

I made and released an app for iOS at the end of last year.
( I released a app for Android at 2020/05/17 )
It’s a simple app and for time tracking and tagging.
You can record time only one tap and can also tag and notes your time records.


  • Simple
  • Quick
  • Time logs can be recorded with a small number of taps
  • No login required
  • Export logs
  • Can repair date of items

Future plans

  • display by other time formats
  • dark mode (iOS)
  • a paid version

React Native and Expo

I choose the React Native and the Expo because I had to learn the React.js for WordPress(Block editor).
The React and the React Native is useful.
Especially the Expo is cool and useful.
It can develop by just JavaScript at all processes.

Reference Website and Books

Library and Database

A list of package.json

  • expo
  • expo-ads-admob
  • expo-sharing
  • expo-sqlite
  • papaparse
  • react
  • react-dom
  • react-native
  • react-native-elements
  • react-native-gesture-handler
  • react-native-keyboard-aware-scroll-view
  • react-native-reanimated
  • react-native-svg
  • react-native-swipe-list-view
  • react-native-web
  • react-navigation
  • react-navigation-stack
  • react-navigation-tabs
  • sentry-expo

Attention points at libraries and database


It is very useful and cool and I’m very grateful to be able to do everything from app creation to application using only JavaScript.
but I’m concerned about the large file size.
Using the Expo seems to bigger.
In the future, I would like to improve the file size smaller.


I think the React and the React Nave are the same techs but I felt a large difference in navigation.
So, I was most puzzled by this library.
It and React library “react-router-dom” are very different.


I used “react-native-swipeout” at first. But It was an error when I update the Expo so I changed to this library.
Libraries are very useful but I think it is dangerous if I rely too much on upon.


It displayed soon the ad in the test but didn’t display a few days when published.
When I look at other people’s blogs, there seems to be the same phenomenon.


I wished to use the Realm but the Expo had don’t support.
So I used the Sqlite
The Sqlite is quick and useful so I’m satisfied.

The next step is to release for android.
If release that I will announce at this blog.

tagTimeLog Lite

Simple time tracking tool
Developed by Namu Works